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Just breathe.

Ever since I resigned from my previous company, I was having a hard time looking for the perfect job for replacement. Don’t get me wrong, I know perfection is far from reality. So I would like to replace it with another adjective, and that is ideal. I need a company that will bring out the best in me, while salary and benefits come after. I want my colleagues to be supportive and not some two faced, back stabbers. The work load should give you lessons in life, but not to the extent that will take your personal life away from you.

Unfortunately, none of these do exist. Apparently, I’m stuck with an international retail company that gives me a lot of stress. That’s right. You heard me. STRESS. How long will I take this? Overtime. Literally, beyond working hours. Small pay. Heavy work load. God only knows when will I last.

Is this my life long karma for leaving my old company? Hope not.



Insecurity kills.

Lately, I’ve been getting so much attention from my jealous colleagues. I guess, this will really take a while.

My heart is saddened by their negative and unjust judgment. For some, it might be just an opinion. Nevertheless, this kind of view had already caused severe damage to my self esteem. First of all, I really don’t do this to other people. I only tend to be insecure, whenever my guy attracts other women. Other than that, I just try to live a normal, simple life. Away from limelight and eminent surroundings.

However, despite all these criticisms, I have learned to stand firmly on ground. I might have fret on this one for a while, but rest assured that I’ll be stronger than ever. Nobody can make me feel inferior, so they can become superior. I’m NEVER gonna back down.

And for my insecure office mates, this one is for you!