Why I stopped counting days in marriage.

Lately, I see articles and stories on why marriage don’t last forever. In fact, statistic shows that 4 out of 5 couples opt for legal separation during their prime years.

As a follower of Jesus, the challenge is how not to be a part of the norm? Sadly, the world view marriage only as a part time contract.

Being married for less than a year, indeed is a GREAT CHALLENGE!

To share a few,

My husband and I are completely, if not, extremely different. We have different views, perspective and characteristics. He is hot, I am cold. He is introvert, I am extrovert. He is precise, I exaggerate a lot. Not to mention, we grew up from different cultures and countries.

Thus, I must say, MARRIAGE is NOT EASY. It is a day to day SANCTIFICATION process!!!

In fact, I was NEVER the SAME PERSON I used to be when I was single — selfish, egocentric, overly jealous and controlling.

However, God is FAITHFUL to CHANGE ME day by day through my HUSBAND. Don’t take me wrong, I am FORGIVEN and FREE through the GRACE of GOD even before marriage.

Nevertheless, I am spiritually and emotionally renewed by God after exchanging vows with my husband.

Having said, MARRIAGE made me realized that APART FROM GOD, you will really never make it.

My spouse and I, needed to hold on, hand on hand with Jesus during the course of our marriage… until death do us part.

My take away?

Love is a constant choice of sacrifices, acceptance and forgiveness. These are the things I realized, while dating my husband with Jesus Christ.

Jesus, being part of our marriage is the only reason why I stopped counting days, months and anniversaries. A marriage built on Christ, is meant to last forever.

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Marrying Him is God’s Will.

It’s 3AM, and I am still wide awake..

I feel restless today, so I thought of continuing the post I wrote earlier about…

“I married an unbeliever”

It’s almost two months, since I came back to Philippines. With a heavy heart, I managed living apart from my husband in Sweden. It was never easy especially on realizing things after marriage.

However, God is faithful to hold on to His promises in my life, particularly in marriage. Despite the backslide, a few bumps along the way, little I know God indeed was guiding me all the way.

Marrying my husband is God’s will. Yes, it is His will. If you are a follower of Jesus, there is no accidents with Him. God, being sovereign as always, is in complete control. Likewise, He is and will always be in charge of my life.

Amidst confusion, God is faithful. He revealed to me His plans for my husband, our marriage and his faith in this verse from Romans 15:13,

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

It is the same verse on which God used to speak to me, when God revealed who my husband will be.

Now, if you happen to be on the same road of confusion, like what I had earlier? Never let go of God. Keep praying, believing while standing firm in faith.

Even if you don’t see changes in your situation or circumstances, keep on seeking Him. Is anything too hard for God?

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I am no longer slave to fear. So always pray and never give up.

Reading the bible should be a vital part of our relationship to Christ. It is important that we understand the word of God, as we continue our journey on Earth.

However, there are certain parts or books from the bible I try to avoid as much as I can — the book of Revelations. It is where the bible speaks about how the world ends, and how Jesus will return for His people. As scary it may seem, I had the courage to finish it. Thanks to the Holy Spirit!

As I read the word, these are the verses which strike me the most!

The Bible is very clear, a NEW HEAVEN and EARTH will come soon. Having said, everything we see in this world will soon be gone.

One of its promises on which Christians have long been waiting is where God will be with His followers. Pain, suffering and hardships would be taken away. The old pattern of our current world will be extinct.

Revelations stated that God will reveal its full glory to all of us. His followers — the believers of His Son Jesus Christ will inherit an eternal life.

However, for those who follow the devil, the ways of this earthly world such as idolaters, the unbelievers, the sexually immoral, cowards, and all pervert liars will NEVER inherit the kingdom of God. Hence, all will BURN down to a blazing fire of sulfur.

Any unbeliever will never enter God’s kingdom.

The Bible greatly speaks about the 2nd coming of Jesus. Whether when it is suppose to happen, we can’t tell. All we know is that Jesus will SOON return for His people.

Honestly, it is really scary. We deserve to rot in hell because of our sinful nature. Yet, God is patient to each and one of us. He promised to give an ETERNAL LIFE to anyone who would accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior (Rom 6:23).

Thus, it is NOT too late! Repent, accept Jesus and be baptized! The bible says, anyone who confess from their mouth and accept Jesus in their heart as Lord and Savior will be saved. ❤️



Can you even imagine how unfair you are? Now that you’re single, you do a lot of things that I long for us to do together. Simple request that I asked from you and yet, you didn’t give me.

Clearly, you’re enjoying yourself now. I hope you have a good time. So stupid of me to stalk your profile every now and then. So here what I get from you, nothing but sadness. Thank you for being unfair.


Life is too short.

Life is too short. So short, that you don’t know what will happen next.

A while ago in the office, our manager and the rest of my colleagues were talking about the tragic incident that happened recently. The death of Kae Davantes, an Account Manager in an Ad Agency in Manila is all over the news. Her body was found in Cavite area, where it was brutally slain. Apparently, she was last seen on BGC, a high end area in Metro Manila where most top companies are based. The mere fact that BGC is a prime location, who would think that it would be a place for another crime incident.

After hearing what happened to her, my heart felt scared and devastated. This incident is so devastating, cause she’s too young to die. She was so helpless, when she was murdered. I also feel scared at the same time, because like her, I also drive my own car. My loved ones never seem to forget to tell me, how careful should I be whenever I go to the parking lot alone.

This is a realization how cruel our world is, now. Men, women or children, are being killed for money or even anonymous reasons. Incidents are getting insane, as each day passes by. A clear sign, that this is the RIGHT time to call on to God and PRAY. Nothing would be more powerful than our prayers.

Nevertheless, my sympathy goes to Kae Davantes’ family. And, to all the ladies, let’s all be extra cautious whenever we commute or drive our own car. A lot of criminal minds are out there, waiting for their chance to commit a sin.

Lord, kayo na po bahala sa mga tao na nagkamali. Pinauubaya na po namin lahat ito sa inyo. Naway maisip nila na marami silang nasaktan at sana po ay pagsisihan nila ang kanilang mga kasalanan. Amen!


Gates of Hell.

“When the group settled in among the throngs in the city of Manila—the most densely populated city on earth—Sienna could only gape in horror. She had never seen poverty on this scale.” – a phrase from Dan Brown’s book, INFERNO.

I strongly appeal to Dan Brown’s book, “Inferno”. Accusing Manila as “Gates of Hell” is a fallacious appearance of novelty. For others it might be an art, but Brown should always keep in mind that there will always be Filipinos who inhibits patriotism.

Although the book itself and all its contents might be fictional. However, Mr. Brown could have at least been more sensitive with his story and ideas. Manila, a city of obscurity is no different from any other cities. No state is a perfect example of heaven. Comparing Manila with hell is abominable.

Surely, reality hurts. But, authors should be more careful in using and describing facts, especially if this is existing beyond our imaginations.