An Open Letter To My Future Husband

“And God has made everything beautiful in its time” ❤️

Ecclesiastes 3:11

A Letter To My Future Husband,

As a little girl, I’ve always dream of having my own prince charming who would rescue me from the tall castle. A knight and shining armor who would slay the dragon just to be with me. Growing up, I’m in love with the same idea that chivalry is not dead. 

Little I know, I was already saved by a Man 2,000 years ago. A Man who gives UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that no gentleman can ever offer to any woman (John 3:16). He is God and Man at the same time, who went down to serve and not to be served. 

He thought me to dream BIG and believe that nothing is impossible with Him (Phil 4:13). That all I need is FAITH and a heart to OBEY His word. A Man who assures me that I am loved and worthy to be pursued. He reminds me that as long as He exist, I will NEVER be alone. A Man I call my Lord, my Savior, my King, He is Jesus Christ.

As He prepares me to a NEW SEASON, I can finally say that I am READY for you. That God molded me first to do His will and advance His kingdom. 

He is now ready to give my heart to you. That He is more than willing as long as you promise Him that you seek Him first and His kingdom. That you will honor and serve Him with all your heart. For God prepares you to take charge of our family. That you are ready to accept me and my past. That you will love my daughter Kaella, more than you will love me. 

My future husband, know that I always pray for you. I promise to honor and submit myself to you. That I will keep my purity until the day we say, I do. ❤️


Fear not. 

“Don’t be afraid, just believe.” Mark 5:36

Have you ever been in a situation you had doubts? Whether you prayed or believed something, but never happened?

Often times, I find myself questioning why certain things are not happening. Despite praying about it, God seems to be slow in answering my prayers. I started to fear, worry and think that God is not hearing. Or probably, I’m not loud enough to say what I want. 

However, God is BIGGER than my doubts. He is able and faithful. God takes care of His sheep because He is our shepherd. He knows us by name and promises to answers our prayer whenever we call upon to Him. Little we know, God is working from the backend. 

Hence, all we need is FAITH. We have to believe and obey His word. Regardless how long it may take for God to answer, we should remember that God operates in season (Ecc 3:11). And that all things work together for the good of those who loves Him (Rom 8:28).

Step out of faith and believe that God hears us because we are His children. If you pray in name of Jesus, know that your requests are already answered. Do not be afraid, just believe.