And I said, “Yes”! 


Seven years ago, I stopped fascinating about fairy tales, happy endings, forever, etc. I thought all these are fake and there’s no chance it will happen. However, one guy came to my life and changed my whole perspective.

After breaking up with my long term boyfriend, I decided to be single for a while. I chose to love and prioritize God above anything else. Since then, my life never felt so complete and happy. Until one day, this new guy came into my life.

He’s none other than the same guy, whom I was talking about in my previous posts. Our almost-one-year relationship is a struggle and we thought of giving up. With God’s grace, we overcome all challenges. A lot of issues arise and glad all of them are solved. Even before the engagement, we had a dinner with his family and mine to discuss marriage. God has never blessed me so much, and I couldn’t even ask for more. Although, I still have a few more wishes, I know in God’s time, things will be perfectly fine.