His timing is perfect.

God has His perfect timing.

It’s been a few weeks since I became officially single. At first, it was really hard to cope especially when some inspirations were gone. I tell myself that I’m never gonna make it and move on. However, this depression didn’t last for long. I found myself seeking for Lord’s presence.

For a while, it made me feel better. I thought I was already a full pledge Christian, until I started to struggle with my faith. Things became more complicated, ever since different issues came into my life. I had a problem with my mom which caused an argument in my family. Financial issues added up as well. Then, the British guy I met online is slowly fading away. All these made my life more difficult.

Each day started to get dark and gloomy again. Even though in my mind I was praying, my heart is not cooperating. I knew that something is wrong, so I asked for some help from my devoted Christian friends. Every day I talk to them and ask for some guidance with my struggle. So we started exchanging bible verses and religious conversations to help me ease the pain. Also, I tried to read articles about Bible and God to help me believe again. And I was right! In no time, my faith is starting to regain back, little by little.

God has always been patient at me. He knows all my worries and fears. I’m a working progress, and most of the time, I fall down. Yet, He never give up.
God is a loving God. Although it’s never easy, God promised me that it will be worth it. All I need to do is to be patient and continue walking by faith. The key is to trust Him and be patient. For some day, He’ll give me the most beautiful story, more that I could ever imagine. For the mean time, I’m blessed with other things like my daughter, family and friends. Most recent blessing from Lord, is my career. I was one of those privilege people to work in a multi national company, despite my lack of knowledge.

Bless you Lord Jesus Christ and God! Your unconditional love is enough.