Prove them wrong.

Prove them wrong.

People would judge you and for me, it is a fact. Regardless if that person is close to you or not. In my life, I have experienced hardships and failures. Countless times that I fell down, but immediately stood up afterwards. But there are these moments that you can no longer stand up and fight.

I cheated a lot at my partner. I can’t remember how many times, but I’m pretty much sure that I cheated. I know there are no justifications for my mistake. However, I believe that there are reasons behind it. I always wanted an escape in my current relationship. For the previous years, I was never really happy. I always wanted an escape for my burden in my relationship. In which, some people did not understand. No one knows how devastated I am with how my partner treats me. I was alone in these battle between love and martyrdom. I kept on asking myself if love is still enough. Sadly, I never found out the answer.

Recently, I came into fight with several people and with my closest friends. All of them thought that my partner do not deserve someone like me because of how I treated him. But did someone even bothered to ask me, why I did that in the first place? No one did. And there will always be two sides in every story. They only look down to someone who cheated, but never to someone who was maltreated which caused her to cheat. No one understand.

But I will not give up. I’m about to prove them wrong.