Birthdays only comes once a year.

Isn’t it ironic that birthday is only once a year? Well, most people would not like the idea of growing old every month. Not to mention the extravagant expenses for birthday celebrations.

Anyway, the reason why I am writing this blog post is because I feel down. I’ll be celebrating my birthday this month, and I want all my friends to be there. Unfortunately, most of them would not be there. Some will be out of town. While some have work. But the most selfish reason is that “they just don’t feel like going because they might be out of place with the crowd”. Whatever reasons they have, I still count it as not valid. On my part, it’s quite unfair that they can’t make it on my birthday, while I am always there whenever they need me. Well, most of the time.

Maybe it is true when my boyfriend told me that I have more bronze friends than silver and gold. Seems that I can’t count on them, whenever I’m in need. Hope things will change overnight.


Valentines day.

I don’t want to sleep. I just wanna keep on loving you.

Sounds familiar? It’s a lyrics from a song called Keep on Loving you by Reo Speedwagon. Never was a fan of classic love songs until I met my guy. The same guy I’ve been talking about in this blog. And yes, he dedicated the song to me this Valentines day.

For six years, my guy never showed how much he love me, except on our first year. Every occasion on each succeeding years, I’ve never received any single flower, most especially on Valentines day. Before, I used to rant about this issue, until I finally overcome the sadness he unconsciously gives me. Nevertheless, I get used to it.

However, some sort of miracle happens. This Valentines day of 2014, God made His way to my boyfriend’s mind and heart. This boy did something I never expected.


As you see on the photo, he posted a status on his Facebook and tagged me. It’s so clear how sweet he is with his words which are carefully handpicked for this occasion. I was literally shaking and speechless. It might be simple and ordinary compared to other couples out there, but for me, it meant the world.

Probably, this is the best Valentines date so far. And I’m looking forward to succeeding years of our relationship.