A bad start for 2014.

New Year, brand new start, new beginnings.

New year is all about reuniting and forgiving each and every one. So as much as possible, that’s how I want my 2014 to be.

Last Friday, I had problems with my boyfriend’s friends. While I was on my way home, I saw one of his friend’s status on Facebook saying, “dinner with 5 people blah blah”. Down on the comments, my guy posted “hanep a”. Surprisingly, my boyfriend was not invited. Initially, my reaction was different. I had to rushed home and asked my boyfriend about that status. He said, he has no idea at all. Then, that’s when I started shaking angrily and became upset.

Beforehand, I asked his friends already if there would be a party for that night, since it was one of his friends who will celebrate a birthday. They told me it was postponed until next week. So I was a bit shocked, when I saw their status about dinner on that same night. Nevertheless, I asked my boyfriend about what really happened with him and his friends. His reaction was nothing. Due to this, I felt sorry for him, that’s why I had to post how I really felt that night on my status. After all, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

Thinking that all his friends would react negatively, I still did what I had to do. As much as possible, I don’t want to invade their friendship at all sort, because I have no right at all. But then again, it was my boyfriend who was hurt and affected by that dinner issue.

Day after, I asked for an apology to all of his friends. Somehow, I knew I made a mistake and I felt guilty about what I posted on the social networking site. As I expected, it took them some minutes before I received a reply. Even if I was also hurt, I accepted everything they said and had no reaction except “sorry, it won’t happen again”.

Wanting a little bit of his sympathy, I told my boyfriend about what really happened. Instead of telling me that he also understand my part, I was wrong. His reaction was totally different. He nagged me and told me that I should have not interfere with him and his friends’ issue, because I’m not a part of their circle. However, I didn’t mean to invade their friendship at any sort, I only felt bad because of what they did to him. But still, his reaction was negative. So I had no choice, but to apologize to him as well.

After these bad issues that happened, I asked myself why I had to experience these. What could I’ve possibly done wrong, to deserve this treatment from him and everyone around him? I really felt sad and more depressed. Although I had an issue with them back in 2008, I’ve already moved on. Why can’t they?

I envy those girls who were not judge by their boyfriend’s family or friends. If only I could be like them. Sigh.