When your parents gave you stress.

Being a parent to your parents, is tough.

As we are born to this world, we dont get the privilege to choose from whoever parents should we come from. God gave us our parents for a reason. For whatever reason it may be, we really don’t know. But, one thing is for sure, there is a reason.

Lately, I’ve been trying to solve all my mom’s problems. Unfortunately, her problems is not that easy to resolve. She’s broke. And I’m the only one who could financially help her. Apparently, all her savings were broiled down to the casino and debts. Nevertheless, my mom at the age of 47, is financially crippled. So being the eldest, I’m suggesting solutions on how she can revive herself financially and emotionally.

Due to this issue, we were fighting a lot since last week. Alongside her problems, is being a psycho path by trying to take her own life! I still remember how she pointed a knife on her stomach, while cursing me for not being a good daughter to her! How can my mom even do this in front of me? For that moment, all my emotions drag me down to depression. Thinking where did I go wrong with my parents. Now, I’m pushing myself hard enough, to understand what she’s been going through. Hoping things will change, after I provide her with a new, possible business venture.

Maybe, someday I’ll understand how it is to become a mother. But one thing is for sure, I’ll never be like her to my daughter.


Life is too short.

Life is too short. So short, that you don’t know what will happen next.

A while ago in the office, our manager and the rest of my colleagues were talking about the tragic incident that happened recently. The death of Kae Davantes, an Account Manager in an Ad Agency in Manila is all over the news. Her body was found in Cavite area, where it was brutally slain. Apparently, she was last seen on BGC, a high end area in Metro Manila where most top companies are based. The mere fact that BGC is a prime location, who would think that it would be a place for another crime incident.

After hearing what happened to her, my heart felt scared and devastated. This incident is so devastating, cause she’s too young to die. She was so helpless, when she was murdered. I also feel scared at the same time, because like her, I also drive my own car. My loved ones never seem to forget to tell me, how careful should I be whenever I go to the parking lot alone.

This is a realization how cruel our world is, now. Men, women or children, are being killed for money or even anonymous reasons. Incidents are getting insane, as each day passes by. A clear sign, that this is the RIGHT time to call on to God and PRAY. Nothing would be more powerful than our prayers.

Nevertheless, my sympathy goes to Kae Davantes’ family. And, to all the ladies, let’s all be extra cautious whenever we commute or drive our own car. A lot of criminal minds are out there, waiting for their chance to commit a sin.

Lord, kayo na po bahala sa mga tao na nagkamali. Pinauubaya na po namin lahat ito sa inyo. Naway maisip nila na marami silang nasaktan at sana po ay pagsisihan nila ang kanilang mga kasalanan. Amen!