Been there, done that.

Be wiser, lady.

Weekend is almost over. So many issues playing in my mind now. Brain is hardly functioning properly and cannot even withstand the burden that had been existing. Still, I make time to stalk not so random blogs. Different stories from strangers to close friends which makes it more exciting.

Due to this, I saw the current topic from the blog of my used to be fling’s girlfriend. It was written there how abused she was from that boy and how she was coping from the torments. The girl also shared how selfish the boy is, which is a familiarity for as long as I remember.

I might not have any right to share this in my blog, but like the girlfriend, I am also a woman. She might not know me personally, but I still want to give her all my sympathy. As I pray that one day, she’ll wake up from all this mess.

Somehow, I felt lucky and wiser for I did not pick this boy. God still is good, for He had left me in the good hands of my long time partner. Never felt so much blessed! And for the lady who needed guidance, this one is for you…

Been there, done that.


Prove them all wrong.

Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can.

Lately, people divulge on how fat I am. From weighing 110 lbs. to 140 lbs., I may say, I’ve really gained weight. Constant criticisms about my physical attributes is all I hear from my loved ones. Somehow, it made me feel despondent, uneasy and depressed.

Now, it is time to prove them all wrong. Starting next week, I will do my best to attend a regular Circuit training program. I’ll lose my weight and I’ll gain back what I have lost.