Gates of Hell.

“When the group settled in among the throngs in the city of Manila—the most densely populated city on earth—Sienna could only gape in horror. She had never seen poverty on this scale.” – a phrase from Dan Brown’s book, INFERNO.

I strongly appeal to Dan Brown’s book, “Inferno”. Accusing Manila as “Gates of Hell” is a fallacious appearance of novelty. For others it might be an art, but Brown should always keep in mind that there will always be Filipinos who inhibits patriotism.

Although the book itself and all its contents might be fictional. However, Mr. Brown could have at least been more sensitive with his story and ideas. Manila, a city of obscurity is no different from any other cities. No state is a perfect example of heaven. Comparing Manila with hell is abominable.

Surely, reality hurts. But, authors should be more careful in using and describing facts, especially if this is existing beyond our imaginations.


At the end of a long escape.

The lovely song of Jake!
Song by Stephen McKnight


Don’t seem to remember
When I left the cold behind me
The snow reminds me of the world I’ve left outside
So when you found me
I glimpsed some hope through the fit
And is this what I’ve missed?
And is this how it feels to believe?

You believed in my heart’s desire
You believed I could walk through fire
You showed me just how strong I was at my very weakest
You believed I could overcome all
You believed I could save the world
You saved me, oh so won’t you let me save you?

Heart cold as winter
I walked the path all alone
Just another stranger in a world that passed me by
Each day each night, I fight
Fight to keep my feelings locked tight
Till you opened the door and you showed me that I’m not alone

I believe in my heart’s desire
I believe I can walk through fire
I know how very strong I am when I’m at my weakest
I believe I can overcome all
I believe I can save the world
You saved me, oh so won’t you let me save you?

When it seems like hope is gone
No way to tell if I’m dreaming
But I can tell that we’ll make it through this

I believe flames can’t burn us
I believe ice can’t break us
I believe we can be so much more now that we’re together
I believe we can over come all
I believe we can save the world
You saved me, oh so won’t you let me save you?

You saved me, oh so won’t you let me save you?


Mother’s day drama.

To all the mothers out there, especially to the SINGLE moms, I admire you for staying strong and loving your children unconditionally. For life here on Earth, wont be possible without our Lord and you.

Most women all over the world are probably now celebrating mothers day. But for me, it might just be another normal day. Being a mother is hard. It is a tough task, because you have to commit fully with all the responsibility that you have for your kids. Nevertheless, a lot of sacrifices must be given. However, the upside is that becoming a mother would be the most special gift from God which you can ever receive.

I am a single mom, a mother of a 4 year old kid. Although I’m still committed with her father, it doesn’t imply that I’m no longer single for we are not married. Both of us have our own lives. Aside from that, we don’t live in the same house. Most importantly, the guy has no plans of getting married.

Up until now, I did not receive any greetings from the father of my child. Sigh. I guess, I still have to bear with the situation.


When karma strikes back.

Do you believe in karma? Did it ever strike you back?

Beau got accepted in his new job. So right now, he is currently working for a multi national company located in Fort, Taguig. The excitement upon him was indescribable as he tells me how his day ended. So as his girlfriend, I had to compliment him all night long. Boosting his ego is my expertise.

However, my mood suddenly changed when I thought about all the mistakes I did in the past. Infidelity issues, so to speak. Now, karma strikes back. It is haunting me with all the bad things I did before. Slowly killing me with jealousy and pain. As people used to say, it’s payback time.

Nevertheless, I ask myself if I have any right to get jealous with his colleagues? With all the attention he was getting, for he might commit a sin without realizing that he might hurt me. When all he might think of, is just to be happy, while here I am, inducing pain.

Lets just hope that karma wont strike back.


Being alone.

Everyone are entitled to their own happily ever after in God’s due time.

Recently, my friends are talking about marriage. Each one is in love with the idea of being in love. But not for me.

The spark was already gone. We’ve lost giddiness and happiness. What was left for us were merely anger and stress. That feeling of having a boyfriend, was no longer there. Both of us have our own activities in life when being together is an integral part of an ideal relationship.

I guess I have to live by on being alone when I grow old. Anyway, I have my daughter with me and her future children. That’s more than enough.